Specialty Weekends

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No weekend is complete without a theme party!  “Classic Hits 107.3” keeps your weekends lively and different.  Listen each week for the “Classic Hits 107.3” theme weekend…then call your friends for a fun get together for more…Good Times and Great Oldies!

We’ve listed some of the weekends planned in 2016.  Call a few friends, dig out those bellbottom jeans and tie dyed shirts and get ready to party!

All theme weekends are sponsorable by our clients.  If your business isn’t involved in sponsorships, consider sponsorships to reach your best customers. You’ll create goodwill with strong branding, and when your customers hear how you’re involved with the music features they love your business makes a big connection with them when they want to buy in the future.

1/13 – 1/15
Dynamic Duos
It takes two as we pair-up with the best duos from pop, soul, and rock & roll. Hall & Oates, Marvin Gaye, Tami Terrell, Heart, and many more.

1/27 – 1/29
Stones Throw Weekend
It’s Mick Jagger and those bad boys of rock roll as we spotlight some of The Rolling Stones’
biggest hits from the `60s, `70s, and `80s!

2/10 – 2/12
Romancin’ The Hits
In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Week we’re romancin’ our way through three decades of
some of the greatest love songs of the rock & roll era.

2/24 – 2/26
Movie Magic
The 89th Annual Academy Awards are this weekend so we’ve got the perfect popcorn picks with movie memories from Hollywood and the silver screen.

3/10 – 3/12
Royalty Weekend
Whether it’s the King Of Pop, the Queen Of Soul, or The King Of Rock & Roll we’ll get the royal treatment this weekend.

3/24 – 3/26
Rocket Man Weekend
He’s the Rocket Man, he’s Captain Fantastic, he’s Grammy and Academy Award winning singer/songwriter Sir Elton John! Reliving two decades of a living legend.

4/7 – 4/9
Cruisin’ Around The World
We’ll set sail for ports all around the world for some of the best artists and their biggest American hits.

4/21 – 4/23
After They Were Fab
It’s John, Paul, George & Ringo with their biggest solo hits from the `70s & `80s.

5/5 – 5/7
Raiders Of The Lost Hits Weekend
It’s a quest to find those great songs that we haven’t heard in awhile. Those lost hits that deserve to be rediscovered and enjoyed once again!

5/19 – 5/21
The Magic In The Music
Michael Jackson is in the spotlight as we feature The King Of Pop and some of his biggest solo hits and the best from The Jackson Five.

Honoring Heroes
Memorial Day is when we honor those fallen heroes and the veterans that are no longer with us. They served their country and all day we’ll serve up some of the best patriotic favorites.

6/2 – 6/4
All About Time
Whether it’s about going back in time, heading to the future, the time of day, or life through the ages it’s all about time this weekend!

6/16 – 6/18
Fleetwood Mac Weekend
One of the best selling bands of all-time, the British-American group Fleetwood Mac is in our spotlight featuring their best from `70s and `80s.

6/30 – 7/2
Number Crunchers
We’ve got some hot little numbers with songs that add up to a weekend that you can really count on.

4th of July Celebration
Celebrating our country’s independence with patriotic favorites along with some of the best American made artists and groups

7/14 – 7/16
Motown Magic Weekend
The best from Motor City USA. It was a feeling, it was magic, it was the sound of young America. It was Motown!

7/28 – 7/30
Rhymin’ Simon
Singer/songwriter Paul Simon takes center stage with his best solo hits along with the greatest from Simon & Garfunkel.

8/11 – 8/13
Down Home Southern Comfort
Songs of the south for some down home pop, soul, and rock & roll.

8/25 – 8/27
One Hit Wonder Weekend
Showcasing artists and groups that had one hit and then that was it. 15-minutes of fame with some the best songs of the `60s, `70s and `80s.

9/8 – 9/10
Eagles Take Flight
The premier band of the `70s & `80s brings their Southern California country rock sound to the center
stage. The Eagles biggest hits and best loved album cuts all weekend.

9/22 – 9/24
Ladies Choice
Those fantastic females of pop, soul, and rock & roll take center stage.

10/13 – 10/15
Piano Man Weekend
From playing in piano bars to superstardom performing in major arenas it’s six time Grammy Award winner Billy Joel at his best!

10/27 – 10/29
Guitar Greats
Heroes of the six strings. Masters of the axe. Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Eddie Van Halen, Chuck Berry and many more. We’ll showcase some of the greatest guitarists of all time!

Halloween Haunted Hits
We’re trick or treating with spooky hits and Halloween haunts. So good it’s scary.

11/10 – 11/12
First Hits Weekend
The spotlight shines on the debut hits by artists and groups. Songs that gave them their first big break.

11/24 – 11/26
The Spirit of Christmas Weekend
We kick off the holiday season with the best Christmas favorites 3 times an hour.

12/8 – 12/10
The Magic In The Music
Michael Jackson is in the spotlight as we feature The King Of Pop and some of his biggest solo hits and the best from The Jackson Five.

12/22 – 12/24
Long Live Rock!
Some of the best rockers take center stage. Cranking it up with The Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Beatles, Aerosmith, The Who and many more.

12/24 – 12/25
All Christmas
Starting 12Noon ET Christmas Eve through 8pm ET Christmas Day we’ll showcase 32-hours of nothing but the best holiday and traditional Christmas favorites

Dance Through The Decades New Year’s Celebration
The best dance and party music beginning at 6 PM ET on New Year’s Eve, up to 4 AM ET on New Year’s Day.