The Bangles featured on new album celebrating L.A.'s 1980s Paisley Underground scene

Yep Roc RecordsThe Bangles have contributed songs to an upcoming album titled 3 x 4 that celebrates their roots as part of the 1980s Los Angeles scene known as “The Paisley Underground,” a collective of bands inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the ’60s. The record features The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, The Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade covering songs by each of the other three groups.

For example, The Bangles have recorded The Three O’Clock’s “Jet Fighter,” The Dream Syndicate’s “That’s What You Always Say” and Rain Parade’s “You Are My Friend” for the project. In turn, the Bangles covers featured on the album are “Getting Out of Hand” by The Three O’Clock, “Hero Takes a Fall” by The Dream Syndicate and “Real World” by Rain Parade.

3 x 4 will initially be released on CD and as a purple-vinyl two-LP set on November 23 in conjunction with the 2018 Record Store Day Black Friday event. The album will get a wider release, including on digital formats on January 11, 2019.

Reflecting on the Paisley Underground scene in the 3 x 4 liner notes, Bangles guitarist Vicki Peterson says, “We joke about it now, but it really is like we went to school together. Paisley High, Class of ’83. We were each a little different: diligent students and f***-ups, eager newbies and experienced band veterans…but we all shared an anachronistic fascination for the music and culture of the 1960s. When we eventually found each other, in 1981 and ’82, we bonded together like social outcasts on the Quad.”

Check out The Bangles’ rendition of “Jet Fighter” now at Yep Roc Records’ official YouTube channel.

Here’s the track list of the 3 x 4 CD:

“Getting Out of Hand” (originally by The Bangles) — The Three O’Clock
“That’s What You Always Say” (originally by The Dream Syndicate) — The Bangles
“You Are My Friend” (originally by Rain Parade) — The Dream Syndicate
“As Real as Real” (originally by The Three O’Clock) — Rain Parade
“Tell Me When It’s Over” (originally by Dream Syndicate) — The Three O’Clock
“When You Smile” (originally by The Dream Syndicate) — Rain Parade
“Talking in My Sleep” (originally by Rain Parade) — The Bangles
“Hero Takes a Fall” (originally by The Bangles) — The Dream Syndicate
“Jet Fighter” (originally by The Three O’Clock) — The Bangles
“Real World” (originally by The Bangles) — Rain Parade
“What She’s Done to Your Mind” (originally by Rain Parade) — The Three O’Clock
“She Turns To Flowers” (originally by The Three O’Clock) — The Dream Syndicate

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